With Thanks To

It took a village to make The Snug Project a success. We’re so grateful for the support and dedication of these people…

Photographer: Finn Richards

Project Creative Director: Ciana March

Designer: Paul Guinan

PR: Fiona Donnelan Sustainable PR

Social Media Manager: Sally McCarthy

Motion Designer: Ryan Kavanagh

Printers (Calendars): Plus Print

Printers (Limited Edition Prints): Hen’s Teeth


Halina, Colm, Simon, Fionnuala, Val, Hazel, Caroline at Nelly’s, Janet at Lilliput Stores, John at The Circular, Francie and Sonia at Stable of Ireland, Tig at Howbert & May, Willie at The Palace Bar, Sarah at The Winding Stair, Mary at Books Upstairs, Andy at Indigo and Cloth, Dan and Grace at Bang Bang, Bríd at Honest to Goodness Market, Greg at Howth Market, St Andrew’s Market, Wendy at Scout, John at Article, Hugo at Hugo’s Deli, Clara at Shell’s, Dervla at Pudding Row, Carolanne at Sweet Beats, Colleen at Café Rua, Vince at Books at One and the butchers, bakers and candlestick makers who helped us track down pub owners.