Is this sale for charity?

Yes, the sale of calendars and prints is in aid of ALONE. You can find out more about their work here.


How much of the sale price will go to ALONE?

100% of the profits of this sale will go to ALONE. Everyone involved in the project is giving their time and skills for free, and the photography has been licensed for this project for free. Our costs include: printing, packaging, website fees, transaction fees and government VAT. 


Are the calendars printed on demand?

No, but we must order a minimum of 500 calendars per print run. 


Are the prints made to order?

Yes, by our limited edition print makers, Hen's Teeth


I've bought a print, when will it ship or be ready to pickup?

Prints are made to order, and depending on how busy we have been, might take a few days to make. You will receive an update when your order has been shipped or is ready to pickup.


I have a question about shipping!

Please see our shipping page.


I have a question about returns!

Please see our returns page.


I have a different question that isn't listed here!

Please email us!